Monday, February 22, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Abigail Smith (Bardin-Burleson)

Born:  20 Nov 1828 in Lawrence Co., Alabama
Died 25 June 1893 in Valley Springs, Llano Co., Texas

Abigail was the daughter of Abner Smith (1781-1872) from Warren Co., North Carolina and Sarah Rebecca Jackson (1785- ) of Tennessee.  At the age of 17 Abigail married Jesse James Bardin (1824-1869) of Pike Co., Alabama on 17 April 1845 in Lagrange, Llano Co., TX and had seven children.  After Jesse passed away in 1869, Abigail met Cummings Burleson and later married on 2 Nov 1876 in Lee Co., TX. 

In 1882 Abigail and Cummings opened their home in Valley Springs TX to the First Primative Baptist Church in the area.

All photos were orginally provided to me by Donna Chapman, Photo of Abigails Cabin was provided by Greg. 
All Rights Reserved 2010 by "Robin Inge aka Wolfhuntress2002"


  1. Are we distant cousins of a sort? My Burleson was Moses Burleson family from Marion, Alabama area. How marvelous you have her picture. I love the ladies of the past that started churches. They were the backbone of our countries faith.

  2. Hi, My last name is Burleson but I really need help finding info on where the name Burleson originally started from, Info about that country and just help... I could really use the information and/or help finding the information!!! please and thanks...
    ~Aubrey Burleson!

  3. This is my Great great great grand mother Abigail Smith Bardin . This Was my GrandFather's Dad and Mom Andrew Eugeane Bardin . I have found a wonderful pictuer of the family. Abigail's Bible is at the Alamo you can see it if you call ahead and ask and prove your are a family member .The Bilbe was found with Davy Crockett.

    How great to know that she and her father started the 1st Baptist Chruches in Texas I have enjoyed reading yours thank you for sharing . Kandy Bardin Pruitt - Midland ,Texas